Villa Chilla is ready


April is here and this means spring for most of us(or almost summer). Waking up from the winter. Getting ready for the swimming, sunshine and for the beach. Searching the sunglasses out. Doing a spring cleaning in our Maranga Villa Chilla in Seignosse. Yeah.

Villa Chilla is transformed through spring cleaning from a sleeping beauty into a surfhouse with paradise feeling. We have sent spiders on a long holiday, ground is cleaned from the leaves. Decorations have been brought out. Rooms have been broomed and dustbunnies have been sent home. Surfboards have got their fixes and fins. And more other countless things. But this all list of things means, guess what? Means it’s time for surfing and learn how to surf. Hurrey. You can say hurrey too! Wink-wink!




Villa Chilla is ready. =)

P.S. Hmm… sorry guys, I, Artti, who posted this, don’t know so much German yet to write all this in German, so I’ll write in English. So I hope you all are cool with that.

P.P.S Should add more pictures!

P.P.S 2 We lost a carrot in the house, no-one has seen him. Speaks Carrotish and wears usually last time orange outfit. =)